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The ASP®/ASPM® Designation now sets the standard and is the benchmark of excellence and training in the Staging Industry. 


 Choosing Staged Envy means you are hiring an Accredited Staging Professional to stage your home.  I follow a professional code of ethics and have set policies, as standards of excellence to follow, while I serve my clients.  I will provide you with a professional objective consultation for the preparation that will best present your home for sale or best reflect a more cohesive and organized appearance for living.  From consultation to staging – your property will be of the utmost importance.  I have firsthand experience regarding the tremendous impact that staging can have on the sale of your home – and how you and your family enjoy and live in your home. 

My skill in successfully staging our own diverse properties in Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland, both for living and for sale, ignited my passion and confirmed my belief in staging.    Staging is essential in showcasing your home’s potential, reflecting your individual style and simplifying your life.  I truly understand the pressure that is involved in selling and moving from your home and I will be most happy to help minimize your stress. Additionally, 15 years of development, event planning, marketing and public relations experience has given me the knowledge and understanding necessary to help homeowners plan and coordinate one of life’s biggest events – preparing your home for sale! 

Dianne Buckley ASP, IAHSP

accredited staging professional